Olu Amoda in Season II

Currently showing at Art Twenty One, Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, Season ii, a solo exhibition by Olu Amoda, ends on June 25, 2017

Art Twenty One describes Amoda as one of Nigeria’s most celebrated visual artists whose sculptures and mixed media works combine discarded metal fragments to form hybrid figurative and abstract installations.
 The space adds that “as the third solo exhibition of Olu Amoda at Art Twenty One, Season ii presents the artist’s new body of work created over the past two years.”
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Quintessence Shows   Ukenedo’s Silent Voices
Apple of My Eyes

Chamberlin Ukenedo shows Silent Voices, a solo art exhibition of paintings from April 8-May 6, 2017 at Quintessence Gallery, Ikoyi ,Lagos.

  The artist says Silent Voices asserts that the face out there is an art piece; for we cry, we squint, we gaze, we frown, we glaze, we scowl, we pout, we leer, we scoff…at the checkered rhythms of life. When we are stripped of words, the eyes are the messengers of the soul. 
Bits of Borno Art in Lagos
From February 9 to 11, 2017, Borno State Government in collaboration with The Centre For Creative Arts & Talent, Abuja will present Bits of Borno, an exhibition of recent photographs by Fati Abubakar at the Omenka Gallery, Lagos.
Work from the exhibition
Through a careful selection of 61 photographs, the exhibition 
provides a counter narrative to the negative headlines of despair and destruction caused by the Boko Haram insurgency by showcasing the beauty, culture, tradition and most importantly, the resilience of the Borno people. "There's a slow gradual return despite all of the adversity. I want people to remember us not only for our culture and tradition, but also for our resilience during this conflict. My favourite photos of Borno are mostly of markets—to me, it is a sign that the city is still alive."

 Fati Abubakar was born and raised in Maiduguri, Borno State. She developed a passion for photography, which led to the creation of her series ‘Bits of Borno’. Since September 2015, Abubakar has interviewed, as well as taken pictures of the residents with a mission to change the perception of Boko Haram brutality associated with Borno State.

‘Sweet Intoxication’ of Sor Sen In Painting
Sor  Sen,  an Abuja based artist shows a solo exhibition of paintings titled Sweet Intoxication,  at the Nordic Hotel, Abuja. 

Face Value” (series), oil on canvas, 2016
 The artist believes the world has always been in a constant flux, which he notes could be given several interpretations, based on individual experiences. Excerpts from his Artist Statement: Sometimes it could be that of tragedy or pure joy emanating from the soul. However, his concern in this exhibition is to look at pleasant moments that are breathtaking, a split second of ecstasy that is capable of switching a sad mood to that of joy. Again, this exhibition is a breath of fresh air and a deviation on how we view humanity from the single construct of tragedies flooded in the mainstream media.
He got trained at Nigeria’s premier art school, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. He has also won so many awards to his credit.  Sor, describes his ideas as always evolving. The works appear to be a conglomeration of post impressionism, surrealism and abstract expressionism.  This he says that, “for me I do this consciously to maintain my artistic sanity or insanity, to keep the mind open to ideas, either in form or context.  
 In some of the works symbolism seem to be at the centre stage where alluring motifs of butterflies and flowers are used in portraying his ideas. This exhibition marks his third individual showing, since he completed his post graduate studies. For the artist, inspiration is relevant to the production of his paintings. And as thus, it could be sourced from a simple conversation, a book, movie, poem or music.

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